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Rudd plays down double dissolution talk (the government and MPs are already talking about the possibility)

Rudd plays down 바카라double dissolution talk (the government and MPs are already talking about the possibility).

“One of the things that we all agree 바카라on, including myself, is that the system is broken,” said the Prime Minister. “I have spoken twijarvees.comce with Labor, with the Greens, with everyone I have ever met about this issue of a broken parliament. There are some areas where we can fix it. I’m not sure we should, but we shouldn’t be taking matters into our own hands.”

“I just think it’s an issue that requires a bit of extra detail in relation to my own party, and the issues we could find common ground on, but that we didn’t.”

He added that he believed that the government had “worked very hard” to get agreement from both sides to work out its differences.

“I can understand the frustrations of the Liberal Democrats in terms of not having a better agreement with the Labor party. I also understand the frustration of the Greens. What I’m most concerned about is that there are people who have lost faith in our democratic system, and don’t think that we’ve got the capacity to reform it.”

“But that’s what’s happened with this government, and with some other countries – they’ve looked around and realised that their parliament is a model.”

Greens co-leader Richard di Natale said there were many things that would be done by “some more fundamental changes” in the legislative body, a reference to the need for a return to a two-party system.

“It’s pretty much the absolute bottom line: if we’re not doing this, we’re going to start to have very serious problems when it comes to making changes and we’ll be putting huge pressures on the Government.”

“A major change of government is the right thing for a nation, not for one party.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has repeatedly stressed the difficulty in moving an election from April 2018 to mid-to-late March 2019 as it would place the nation in an emergency and take away the time it needed to set a date to reconvene parliament.

A “significant change” in the rules is seen as a possible option and is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

But Labor has said it will push for a second election in 2019 while also promising to bring changes in the legislative body in the next election if it wins.

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